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  1. Black White Grey Sparkley
  2. Turquoise Green Lime Colo
  3. Cream Pearlised Sentiment
  4. Victoria Plum - Sleepy He
  5. A4 Die cut - 3D Toppers B
  6. A4 Pansies & Lilies Water
  7. 12mm wide x 25M double si
  8. Large DL Envelopes White
  9. Millenium 2000 Rose 7" x
  10. Pack of 10 Step by Step

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Free Quotes: Oscar Wilde

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--Oscar Wilde


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Only great masters of style can succeed in being obtuse.

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Beautiful women never are.

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Most people exist, that is all.

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We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

--Oscar Wilde




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