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 Useful Tips

Pictures and prints used in the craft of decoupage have some very special features. They must have clearly defined cutting edges, which are easy to cut out. Water, pastel and some classical paintings can prove to be very difficult to turn into 3D images, as there are no distinctive lines to cut around.

Also your pictures must have an obvious background and foreground from which to work. Each picture is made up of hidden layers, it is your job to untangle and piece them together one on top of each other, creating a 3D picture.

We have thousands of prints to choose from, this Web Site contains what we consider to be the best. We are convinced there is something for everyone contained in its pages. However, if there is a particular print you are after that is not shown in our web site, don't worry, we will do our utmost to get it for you.

Having studied decoupage in Canada and taught it in America, Australia and England, I have come across quite a few problems over the years. Here are some useful tips, which may help you:

1. Use a craft knife, not scissors, as it is a lot quicker and more accurate.

2. Practice under cutting, a technique was the craft knife is held at an angle and used to cut under the paper. This will create an inclined chamfer and hide any harsh white edges.

3. However, if the piece you cut out has a really white edge, colour it using a soft pointed pencil or water coloured pens to disguise it.

4. Number all the pieces you cut out and using your shaping tool and shaping mat only shape the final layer of your picture.

5. Apply silicone glue like you would apply icing on a cake, hold tube of glue 1mm above print, squeeze and gently pull away to required height. Allow silicone glue to dry between layers. Try not to show any silicone on your finished picture.

6. To prevent glue solidifying in nozzle, shape and insert matchstick or similar.

7. Try only to use Decoupage silicone glue, as some bathroom sealant can produce oily blobs all over your picture.

8. When your craft knife starts pulling or ripping the paper you are cutting it is time to change the blade.

9. Varnish the top visual layer generously, after you have completed your picture. Make sure each piece is well supported with glue otherwise the paper may curl.

10. Use a fine horsehair brush when applying coats of varnish to avoidbubbling. Clean brush in thinners or nail polish remover, immediately after use.

11. Do not leave the top of the varnish or it will thicken. However, if this does happen use Jackson's Mail Order thinners to restore consistency.

12. Never hang your completed picture indirect sunlight, over the years the colours will fade and the varnish may start to crack.





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