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How To Make

In this part of the website we give you instructions on how to make your sheets.

Fan Sheets

Fan Sheets have been designed in such a way that each fan interlocks with the one next to it, thus keeping an uniformed appearance, they are then joined at the bottom by either an eyelet or a brad. They can then be decorated with accompanying decoupage or with a tassel or similar.

Waterfall Sheets

Score across the lines on the long mechanism piece and crease and fold along each fold.
Cut out all pieces place folded mechanism on table - coloured side inside, white side facing you place a thin strip of double sided tape along each folded edge - 3 in total and, starting at the bottom crease, stick one of the 3 images along the edge.

Repeat with the remaining 2 so you have 3 images overlapped with a little tab at the bottom.

The only part of the mechanism which is secured to the card is a strip which sticks onto the mechanism under the bottom image and is secured with either strong tape or a brad, one each side, to the card. This allows the mechanism to move and when you pull the tab the pictures flip up. If any more is stuck then the 'flip' effect will not work

3D Step-By-Step Sheets

These are very easy to make, all you do is follow the cut outs step by step.
You lay them one on top of each other, using 2 or 3mm double sided sticky pads or silicone glue as dividers to get a great 3 dimensional effect. Easy.


Toppers are great for quick and easy very effective looking greetings cards. All you do is cut out the topper and simply stick it directly on to your card using 1mm /2mm double sided sticky pads or silicone glue.
You can give a bit of depth to your topper by adding an extra layer or putting rectangle coloured squares beneath it. These extra layers or background squares will be on the sheets you purchase ready to use.

Pyramid Sheets and Spiral Pyramid Sheets

Simply cut out the rectangles and layer them one on top of each other using 1mm or 2mm double sided sticky pads or silicone glue as dividers.
Use the largest rectangle as the base and build directly on top of it.
The reason they are called pyramid sheets is if you turn the card on its side and look at the finished product it looks like a pyramid.
Spiral pyramids work the same way only this time you have to twist the cut outs slightly to line them up with the origanil image. The finished product is a twist pyramid that looks very professional indeed.

Plate Sheets

Make sure that you print your plate sheets on heavy paper or card. If you print using normal paper the stand will not be strong enough to support the plate.

Cut out your plate template and stand template - decourate and simply put the card plate on the stand. It really is that simple.

Tri Fold Cards

Make sure that you print the tri fold sheets on to heavy paper or card. If you print them on to normal paper they will be to flimsey.

Cut out the tri fold template - decourate the card - score down the fold lines and your done.



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